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Du 24 au 28 juin 2013 Grenoble

CEA-Leti, a world-class center for applied research in the fields of microelectronics, information technology, and technology for healthcare, will hold the first-ever Leti Innovation Days on June 24–28, 2013.

The Leti’s traditional two-day Annual Review held every year for the past fifteen years will be a highlight of the four-day conference. The event, which gathers high-tech business executives, technology decision makers, and researchers, is a demonstration of Leti’s mission of transferring new technology to a broad range of industries.Over the presentation of the latest developments of Leti’s labs, the event will give professionals from the world of industry an opportunity to talk to Leti researchers about new advances in micro and nanotechnology. “Leti Innovation Days is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to explore the ways in which these emerging technologies can help drive growth,” said CEA-Leti CEO Laurent Malier.

The Innovation Days will consist of six workshops : the Leti Annual Review, D43D, Memory, Photonics, Imaging, and Nano Packaging. Speakers will include CEOs from companies around the globe, representatives of innovative high-tech SMEs, and researchers. The event will be attended by CEOs, CTOs, marketing & strategy directors, R&D managers, and other decision makers spanning fields like advanced microelectronics, Green IT, memory, imaging, LEDs and lighting, safety and security, healthcare, and the environment.

Leti Innovation Days is a wonderful occasion for business executives and researchers to share their insights about the future of technology.





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